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22 Mar 2007

[March 27, 2007] Canadian Student Enrollment in IT: The Future of the Profession

When: Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 6:00 PM


The Groundhog Pub
401 BLOOR STREET EAST Toronto , ON M4W 1H7

Description: SIGN UP HERE What is fact and what is fiction?

It appears that insufficient Canadian students are choosing academic paths that will lead to IT careers:

Is this true, and if so, why is this happening? What factors are influencing the decisions that students and their parents are making? How can the trend of declining enrolments in IT courses be reversed? Should it be reversed? What are the implications and impacts academically and employers? How are they responding? Who is doing what to address the related issues? Who else should be helping to ensure appropriate IT talent is available in Canada?

Come join us at the Groundhog and find out!

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