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07 Feb 2008

Are you a tagging Hero?


One of the things that is keeping me busy right now is the upcoming Heroes Happen {Here} launch wave that kicks off in Toronto on February 27th at the Direct Energy Centre.

My team and I are heads down putting the finishing touches on both the Community Connection Events and the main Launch and Technical Readiness events.

However, as these events are for you, the audience, we wanted to provide a consistent way for you to participate and share your thoughts and experiences.  If you are planning on blogging about the events, if you are taking photos, or if you are uploading videos to YouTube or SoapBox, there is one standard tag that we are using to aggregate all this content: HHH_CA.  We will be launching a community site in the next few days that will aggregate anything we can find that is tagged with HHH_CA.  Additionally, our PR team has already launched their online digital newsroom for these events at and they will also be on the lookout for content tagged with HHH_CA to include on their site.

Having said all of that, here are some of the places you can either contribute content or find out more about the events:

Flickr photo pool:
Toronto Event on Facebook:
Digital Newsroom:

Team (member) blogs:
Community Connection Events – diamond in the rough
Heroes Happen Here, eh- What’s going on up north for Launch 2008 Activities

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