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14 Oct 2008

Getting Ready for TechDays

With two weeks to go until we kick off TechDays in Toronto, the team is doing the final preparations to deliver an amazing experience to everyone who attends.

One of the things that I’ll be taking care of during the events is photography.  I’ve already got the Nikon D200 and D300 ready to go, and with any luck I’ll have Nikon D90 in time for the conference as well.  The guys at Nikon are absolutely amazing and make sure that my team have access to the latest gear to capture and share the experience at the event for those of you who aren’t able to attend.   Of course I’ll be posting the photos to my flickr page as well as to the TechDays group on flickr.  I’ll also be tagging everything with TechDays_CA.

One thing I have learned from previous events is that sometimes you need to be in more than one place at once.  Normally as a photographer that is hard to do, however, with the help of a little technology life just got easier.  I have been using PocketWizard Plus IIs for a while now to trigger remote flashes, but after reading the PocketWizard blog and Vincent LaForet’s blog post on remote cameras at the Olympics, I realized I had only been using my PocketWizards for half of what they could do.  A quick search turned up and the cables that I was looking for – the ones that allow me to remotely trigger a camera.  I have placed my order so I just need to wait for the package to arrive and I’m one step closer to being in two places at once.

If you are attending TechDays and want to chat about cameras, I’ll be the guy with all the Nikon stuff hanging off me.  If you haven’t already bought your ticket there is still time to get your ticket before the early bird pricing ends on October 15th – visit for all the details.

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