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05 Mar 2010

We’re Hiring…Come join the team

As you saw in my previous post, I have taken on a new role and in doing so have left a vacancy in our marketing team.  If you are a passionate customer advocate with a strong marketing background then the role below might be a good fit for you.

Some of the programs that you may have heard of, TechDays, EnergizeIT, and AlignIT are just some of the programs produced and executed by my team, and are all directed and led by the audience managers.

If you are interested in being part of a great team that has outreach to technical professionals across Canada to create lasting relationships, then keep reading.

Senior Technical Audience Manager – Microsoft Canada

Are you driven by the need to make things bigger and better? Does making others great make you feel great too?

Audience Marketing Managers (AMMs) drive the local engagement strategy, plan and execution framework for how Microsoft builds sustainable and meaningful breadth and depth relationships with our technical audience. AMMs focus on the following audiences: Developers, IT Pros, Designers, Architects and Students worldwide.

The goal for an Sr. AMM is to help find Technical Professionals better ways to use technology to greater benefit. We do all we can to earn the hearts and minds of those Technical Professionals, by focusing on their needs and by helping them to be successful in their jobs and in their careers. Our goal is industry-leading satisfaction and favorability because highly satisfied/ loyal customers buy more of our products and will recommend them to others.

Success of the Sr. AMM role is determined by the individuals’ ability to work collaboratively across the subsidiary/area playing a key orchestration role with internal partners and stakeholders including Developer & Platform Evangelists, Product Marketing, Customer & Partner Experience and Business & Marketing Organization resources including the Corporate Marketing Group and segment marketing leads.

Sr. AMM’s ensure one Microsoft voice is heard and the interests and needs of the audience are considered and integrated across all campaigns and activities.

Key Requirements for the role Include:

  • Serves as the recognized “go to” custodian, advocate, and respected authority for audiences across the subsidiary. Maintains and supports product managers and other internal stakeholders with audience intelligence and guidance
  • Serves as a local resource for audience intelligence use to drive, shape and influence key strategic messages, content, and programs across local marketing efforts (i.e., customer campaigns, events, purchase process and deployment). Synthesizes audience and market information to derive key audience insights and affect strategic direction and planning process.
  • Consistently tracks programs to measure business impact including engagement, adoption, advocacy and scale
  • Assesses market and audience standing to develop or refine marketing strategies that are responsive to market trends, audience perception, competitive pressure, product adoption and net new engagement opportunities
  • Aligns with global audience strategy, programs and approach with execution based on local market and audience intelligence. Effectively assesses viability and value of existing, new and emergent channels/programs for improving audience outreach/scalability.
  • Understands and leverages through effective project management, connection points across media and channels (both online and offline), to drive audience objectives.
  • Reviews all programs and activities against metrics and goals to prioritize and make informed business decisions.

People who are successful in this role and in this team have a passion for the customer. They are consummate cross-company collaborators, and they are driven by the challenges of change. They balance the excitement of continuous innovation with the need to deliver consistent, predictable, reliable, and repeatable experiences for our customers. They are builders, motivators, and team players extraordinaire!

Join us if you are inspired by driving change!

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