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03 Jun 2011

Thanks for the memories…

[An open letter to my colleagues at Microsoft]

These are never easy posts to write.  Earlier today I gave my notice and resigned from Microsoft Canada.

Looking back over the past six and a half years I wanted to share some of my fondest memories as I have been very fortunate to work on some great projects with some fantastic people and I will cherish those memories for years to come.

As I think back to the beginning of my time at Microsoft, I want to thank John for taking the chance and hiring an ex-Oracle, ex-Red Hat guy to come and work at Microsoft.  Thanks to Rick and Bruce for those early days, back when there were just the three of us IT Pros, and thanks to Damir for joining the team and helping take on the SQL workload (I had a great time working with you on the SQL launch tour).

I fondly remember my early tours with Bill Hilf and Alec Taylor talking about Linux and Open Source and even managing to get interviewed by Mary-Jo Foley.  As a team DPE has been at the heart of some awesome product launches (SQL, Windows Server, Visual Studio, Exchange, Office, Windows Vista and Windows 7) and I consider myself lucky to have been part of them.  I have been fortunate to have spent lots of time talking to the press both on live TV and in print and I’ve been privileged to be the photographer for both Bill Gates’ and Steve Ballmer’s visits.

DPE truly excels at cross-team collaboration and I saw this in action as we brought TechDays to life and I fondly remember those early Saturday EnergizeIT events we hosted at the MTCC and Congress Centre.  As DPE has grown and changed, I want to thank Mark, John, Dean, Gladstone, and Ryan for the opportunities to work on the IT Pro, Developer, Enthusiast, AMM, and Depth businesses as those experiences will remain with me for a long time.

However, as great as the past six and a half years have been, the time has come for me to move on to my next challenge.  One thing is for certain, this is a small industry and I have no doubt that our paths will cross again. 

Until then, stay in touch.



Comment by Julia on 2011-06-03 14:49:23 -0400

This is a huge loss for Microsoft. You’ll be missed. I look forward to seeing you around though!!

Comment by Pat G on 2011-06-03 15:42:21 -0400

Barnaby, all the best in your future endeavours! on behalf of CIPS-GH, I want to express our appreciation for your support and for your responsiveness to our requests for information and assistance. I’m sure Microsoft will miss you sorely. Thank you, good luck to you and your family, and please keep in touch. Cheers – Pat

Comment by Damir Bersinic on 2011-06-03 17:25:30 -0400

Barnaby, it has been great working with you over the last six years. We have been through a lot of things together and I loved the fact that we both were never afraid to push the envelope and try new things. I always enjoyed our conversations and look forward to continuing them going forward.

All the best in your new adventures!


Comment by Anthony Bartolo on 2011-06-03 20:39:43 -0400

All the best my friend in what ever challenge you will conquer next. Huge loss for Microsoft. Keep in touch.

Comment by Rochelle Coleman on 2011-06-04 20:14:44 -0400

We’ll miss you Barnaby! But this technology world is small and integrated – and paths will cross and cross and cross!

Catch you on the open road next week! Did ya get that helmet camera by chance?! 🙂

Comment by Barnaby Jeans on 2011-06-04 22:27:39 -0400


I did get the GoPRO HD with a collection of mounts (chest, handlebar/seatpost, and helment) so will be figuring our the best placement(s) for the ride.

See you next week.


Comment by Mitch Garvis on 2011-06-05 22:30:32 -0400

You will be missed Barnaby. It has always been a pleasure. Best of luck on your future endeavours! -M

Comment by Vivian Wan on 2011-06-07 10:56:54 -0400

Hey Barnaby,

Just saw your update on my facebook feed. All the best in your future endeavours, Barnaby. Still remember all the TechDays fun 🙂 Where will you be going?

Comment by john on 2011-06-07 12:18:15 -0400

It’s been a great run and a pleasure being part of the journey. All the best in your new role.

Comment by Will Craddock on 2011-06-07 15:39:41 -0400

sorry to hear you are leaving Microsoft but wish you the best of luck on the next great adventure 🙂

Comment by Jamie Wakeam on 2011-06-08 11:15:59 -0400

Stay in touch! It’s been great working with over the past years. Best of luck and have fun in your next role.

Comment by Ruth Morton on 2011-06-13 16:36:08 -0400

What? I was only away for a little vacay and look what happens!

So sorry to hear you’ve left, Barnaby. You are why I joined Microsoft – I remember when you told me the job was available. Well, it was great working with you and you will be missed. However, I know you’ll be awesome at whatever you’re doing next and I trust that you’ll let me know where that is so we can stay in touch!

If not, I know where you live. 🙂

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