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24 May 2020

Working From Home

Here's some of the gear I'm using in my work from home setup.
22 Apr 2020

Online Meeting Backgrounds

Over the last few weeks we have seen tremendous growth in the number of people conducting online meetings as a result of...
20 Nov 2017
17 Jul 2017

Automate your life (and your calendar) with Microsoft Flow and Azure Functions

Automate the creation of new calendar items in response to specific events being added to my calendar.  Use Azure functions for custom processing to extend Microsoft Flow capabilities.
02 Feb 2017

Tracking Azure usage (for Partners)

A Microsoft published GitHub that allows for Azure Usage and Billing Analytics across EA's, CSP, and Direct Subscriptions.
15 Sep 2016

IT's time to go back to school

As a partner in the IT field you are poised to take advantage of more and more services being offering in the Cloud. Join me at Hosting Days to learn more.
14 Jan 2016

Hosting Days Canada 2015 Digital Edition now available

Thank you to everyone who joined me across Canada for Hosting Days over the last few months.  Now that the tour is compl...
15 Sep 2015

Updated: Join me for Hosting Days across Canada

> Calgary event date has changed to Tuesday November 17th, 2015. I hope you will still be able to join me. Since I join...
27 Nov 2014

Time flies and roles change

Almost 3 1/2 years ago I posted that I was leaving Microsoft to join VMware and since then I've let this blog slide. I c...
07 Jul 2011

How to find me – my new Contact info

I'm now on Day 8 at VMware and I'm having a great time. I've spent most of the last week and half doing the usual new hi...