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03 Jun 2011

Thanks for the memories…

Earlier today I gave my notice and resigned from Microsoft Canada. Looking back over the past six and a half years I wanted to share some of my fondest memories as I have been very fortunate to work on some great projects with some fantastic people and I will cherish those memories for years to come.
26 Jul 2010

Improving your cell phone reception

I bought my first cell phone in 1995. I remember it well - it was an analog Nokia phone and I had bought a full car kit ...
28 Jun 2010

Moving to the cloud? Get free compute time with Windows Azure

Are you a developer looking to launch your new web application? Or perhaps you are an IT Pro trying to understand what "...
15 Jun 2010

What is this? I just hit F12 in Internet Explorer 8

![Screenshot of Internet Explorer Developer tools](
12 Jun 2010

Thank you for your support to Conquer Cancer

This weekend is the weekend that I have been training for for a very long time. Tomorrow I'll be starting my 200km ride ...
06 May 2010

I need your help…to conquer cancer

In a little over a month I'll be hitting the road for a two day epic adventure cycling 200km from Toronto to Niagara Fal...
05 Mar 2010

We’re Hiring…Come join the team

As you saw in my <a rel="me noopener noreferrer" href="
25 Feb 2010

An introduction to me and my new role

I am part of one of the coolest teams at Microsoft. In my new role as **Senior Solution Advisor** I get to hang out with...
23 Jul 2009

Support my Ride to Conquer Cancer

[<img border="0" hspace="5" alt="Ride to Conquer Cancer logo" align="left" src="
05 Mar 2009 goes IPv6

> UPDATE: As I have changed hosting providers, the following information no longer applies, however, is left as a refere...